Production: The Great Debate

 The term, being the root of an ongoing decades long debate, prompts descriptions ranging from technical sound guidance and execution, to project and vision partner.  The reality being all of the above and more. LEP’s view is the role begins and ends with the Artist and is as limited or involved as the Artist wants.  However, the true value in production is not measurable sonic perfection. It’s capturing the musician's creation translating in the form that has the most accurate representation and emotive impact on the listener.  Have you heard Robert Johnson, The Beatles, Dead Kennedys, Old Sisters of Mercy, Original 80’s Industrial, Post Punk, Goth, Thrash Metal, Rap / Hip Hop, House Techno? They all have something in common. The music.  Captured in its purest form. These creators and their producers developed their own ways of capturing their sound.  Of course, these have been enhanced added to in some spectacular ways.  However, far too much is now carbon copy production genre templates.  Music and Production generated Algorithms. LEP fully embraces the in the box production technology for all the creative doors its opens and the access it provides to equipment never dreamed of the for the average musician even 10 years ago.

 Opposingly, we do not embrace formula-based production there is a virtual army of producers etc providing those services with a veritable legion of corporate marketing pushing the idea that no musical experience or knowledge is required for production. There is also the opposite end with heavy handed Industry Producers answering to label demands on sound, structure and content. LEP’s passion is learning and being part of an Artists vision, and acting as a guide on the journey.  Approaching every project with excitement and intense focus on learning and understanding your music. This is more important than any technique, "secret sauce", vintage preamp, or multi-million dollar studio.  Production begins in an artists mind and ends in the listeners ear.  Done well,  listeners hear an artists creation recorded, modified and transmitted to them,  that captures the most accurate and compelling representation of the piece. 

Live Evil Productions offer a full suite of Music Production Services.  Anywhere from project conception, arrangement, editing,  and right through to Mastering. Further, as LEP is not a volume / turn over based producer / studio,  clients have the added benefits of a close working relationship with a producer that is intrinsically invested in their satisfaction and success.  

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