Sean Beesley 

Charted #1 Beatport Producer / Remixer.  Mixing, and Mastering Engineer. Musician,  Song Writer, and Vocalist.  Sound / Sample/ Loop Creator. DJ.  

Mission Statement:

Live Evil Productions seeks to be a leader in a growing musical and artistic resistance against the algorithms, formulas, templates and politics that have swiftly and powerfully removed the human element from the arts and daily life. Demonizing, invalidated and abolishing individual expression, and experiences.

Designed to provide affordable access to the tools and services that Independent Artists need to to cultivate the idea / sound / message in their mind and share it with the world. Live Evil Productions is where sonic dreams and nightmares are born.

Song Writing and Production Core Philosophy: “Less is more...until it’s not” 


The Blurb:

Starting on on guitar at age 10 music has been the core passion of Sean Beesley for 40 years.  With his first studio job starting at 17 at Mean Street Studios in Brougham Ontario.


Founding member of 90's Industrial Metal Band Die Blind. Created in 1991. With members drawing from multiple areas of the Toronto "Alternative" scene at the time. With influences ranging from Punk to Metal and early hip hop and a special wide eye fascination with the experimental and evolving sounds of Industrial EBM and Post Punk movements. 1995 Die Blind saw its final line up and had settled into "it's sound" being a diverse blend of all influences. Adding themselves as regulars to the 90's Toronto Industrial scene along side powerhouse Toronto industrial pioneers Malhavoc, DHI, and Masochistic Religion and being the local "Opener" to acts such as Sister Machine and Download. 


 Current Bands: Die Blind -  Arcana Lost 


DJ years: DJ Live Evil—1991-1999 Resident DJ @ Sanctuary Vampire Sex Bar, Big Bop, Night Gallery 2, Horizontal Boogie Bar, Tremors and Green Room. 

Sean chose to  take a hiatus from the industry to raise his daughter.  Returning in late 2019 has rapidly re-established the Live Evil Productions Brand focusing on the LEP Mission Statement as well releasing new Die Blind material, and numerous remixes.  New Collabs and side projects are scheduled for release shortly.


Recent Artists: Di Auger, Anthony H, Angel Spit, Double Eyelid, 40 Octaves Below, Mesmers Ghost, Fox Nova Project, No Hype, Divirje,